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Hairstory 2013: Hair in Review

2013 has been the year of my drastic hair changes (kinda impulsive in some aspects too). Let’s get a quick look on what kind of changes my hair went. (From haircut to coloring to treatment and styling). 


Bleach is not my bestfriend, after having ombre highlights (Summer) my hair ends got so dry and brittle, even getting a haircut can’t fix it. Another contribution was when I decided to get my hair rebond last December. Though, I’m thankful my stylist was too careful to make any further damage onto my hair and made the treatment shorter than it should be and still getting the same result. 

I am sorry hair, but let me make it up to you. Gladly, I have discovered Lucido-L!

Five reasons why I love this product:

1. Easy to use

2. Budget friendly

3. Time saver

4.There is no harsh odor

5. Highly effective. (even Naruto approves!)

I’ve been using this product for a week now and I wanted to try it first before blogging and, the results were great! 

There are actually 2 types for hair supplement: 1 for permed hair (orange, not in the picture) and 2 for straight hair, highly recommended for girls like me who underwent hair rebonding.


After washing my hair and patting it dry with my towel I applied Lucido-L onto my hair specially at my ends. With just a small amount it gets the work done.

They also have styling milk, two of them also works as heat protection (styling milk <curl> and styling milk <straight>. I bought Styling milk <curl>, for bouncy curls. I don’t wanna damage hair further more, so this product is definitely a hair-saver! Aside from heat protection it also makes your curls stay longer. 

Other options for styling milk are:

Styling milk <airy> for volume

Styling milk <wave> for soft and tangle-free waves, perfect for achieving beach waves!

and, Styling milk <straight> for straight and sleek hair.

This is a must try product! Checkout Watsons near your place! Ha! We finally decoded the Japanese’ secret on having perfectly beautiful hair. (well, almost…at least) ;)

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Monthly Favorites: November

It’s that time of the month again! Except, its not a red one. So.. here we go.


"Yuck" has been my most uttered word lately, aside from "ew".  But, Yuck is not just a word cause it is my current fave band and their music is not "yuck" at all. Best tunes to listen in long drives. 



Saw this graphic tee at Artwork last month and I got so kilig. Yep, I’m a fan of the fab four!

3. Skater leather

Been looking for the perfect leather skirt for a very long time, and the long wait is finally over! I bought this skirt a month ago when I went to Singapore. I love the tiny heart cutout details. It’s just so cute!

4. Shoe-sugar land

Thrifted goodie! Vintage and sweet. 

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Christmas feels


Headband, skirt & tights from Singapore | Top, artwork | Shoes, thirfted


Hello again! Time flies so fast! There’s only 24 days to go and Christmas is finally here! But of course let’s not forget the real meaning of the Yuletide season and that is the gift of giving. We all know what happened in some parts of Visayas. Typhoon Haiyan caused a great damaged in those areas. To help our fellow men, my friend and I organized an event for both aspiring and professional artists who like to help our fellow men through art exhibit. Any form of art is accepted. For photographs, it should be printed and ready to hang. See you all guys!


Feel free to contact me!

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Monthly Faves: October

October flew by so fast! And it is about time to do a recap for October favorites.

1. Bookworm: The Lady and the Unicorn

History and art in one. 

2. Shoe-shoegar-rush: Nude ankle high boots by Plain Jane

3 reasons why i love these shoes: 1. The color fits almost any kind of outfit, 2. it adds height, and 3. it’s in between girly and tomboy-ish vibe.

3. Head gear: cat-ears beanie

Have I told you how much I love beanies? Probably a million times already.

4. Eargasm: A World Alone, Lorde

If you love Lana Del Rey, I’m pretty sure you’ll like Lorde. My playlist got stuck on her for a week now. lol

5. Pepero

Do  I need to say more?

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